Cory Booker Calls To End Gun Violence

Cory Booker speaks against gun violence following shooting death of Bloomfield man. 

The day after a fatal shooting in Newark, New Jersey on Monday, March 12, 2018, Senator Cory Booker tweeted a call to end gun violence, reports.

Cory Booker’s tweets on the subject on Tuesday, March 13 are quoted below:

A young man I knew was murdered at the top of my block yesterday: Shahid Smith. He was killed by an assault weapon that does not belong on my block or any street. Shahid lived below me in Brick Towers where I lived for 8 years. His life mattered. His death must matter.

In communities like mine, gun violence continues. Children killed. Women murdered. Young men slaughtered. Families torn apart. Carnage unabated. Between mass shootings, the gunfire does not stop. Between horrific national headlines, beneath even local news focus, we die.

Local leaders valiantly struggle;

Local police courageously face military weapons;

Activists call to a nation’s moral conscience.

“Do you see my children, do you care about our kids?”

And still thousands of beautiful people of equal worth and equal value continue to die.

The dream of our land can’t be real or secure or safe anywhere until it is made so everywhere.

We have common pain, let us unite in common purpose.

Columbine and Camden; Newtown and Newark; Parkland and Paterson.

Never Again, Never Again, Never Again. – Cory Booker

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