Cory Booker On The Issues

Where does Cory Booker stand on the issues facing us today?

The best resources for more details on Cory Booker’s political positions and proposals are Cory Booker’s Official Homepage and

According to Cory’s Official Homepage, his top priorities are:

  • Justice and public safety
  • Civil rights
  • Education
  • Environment and energy
  • Foreign policy and national security
  • Health care
  • Infrastructure and innovation
  • Supporting service members and veterans
  • Workforce development and economic competitiveness

Cory Booker’s Official Homepage goes into further detail on each of those issues listed above, and should be consulted for those seeking more information.

According to and various other online news sources, Cory Booker:

  • Supports a federal jobs guarantee
  • Supports Medicare for all
  • Supports capital investments in low-income communities
  • Supports debt-free college
  • Supports reproductive rights
  • Supports affordable birth control
  • Supports marriage equality
  • Supports equal pay for equal work
  • Supports lowering the corporate tax rate
  • Supports closing tax loopholes
  • Supports small business assistance for women and minorities
  • Supports assisting ex-convicts in re-entering society
  • Supports legalization of marijuana
  • Opposes mandatory sentencing for nonviolent drug offenders
  • Opposes privatizing Social Security
  • Supports school vouchers and charter schools
  • Supports climate change legislation and reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  • Supports protecting oceans from plastic debris
  • Opposes offshore seismic testing for gas and oil
  • Has a 100% rating from all animal welfare organizations
  • Supports funding efforts between states, nongovernmental organizations and fishing and shipping industries to help save whales
  • Supports labeling genetically engineered food
  • Supports paid family leave and time off for bereavement and illness
  • Supports development funds for Africa via international organizations
  • Supports increasing international diplomacy
  • Opposes China’s currency manipulation, theft of intellectual property, and unfair trade practices
  • Supports making it difficult for wealthy contractors to influence politicians
  • As mayor, fought to end perks for politicians
  • As mayor, voted against all pay raises
  • When faced with a budget crisis as mayor, cut both spending and municipal taxes
  • Supports automatic voter registration for all citizens
  • Supports maintaining the world’s strongest military force
  • Supports the DREAM Act
  • Supports a $1,000 tax credit for job-training apprenticeships
  • Supports raising the minimum wage
  • Opposes raising the retirement age
  • Supports improving roads and railways with a national infrastructure bank
  • Supports investing in next generation air traffic; broadband, and smart grid technology
  • Supports protecting critical infrastructure from cyberattack
  • Opposes Iranian nuclear programs
  • Opposes direct military intervention in Syria, only as a last resort
  • Supports expanding the Earned Income Tax Credit

To learn more about Cory Booker’s record as mayor of Newark, New Jersey and legislation that he’s sponsored as New Jersey senator, please visit our page Meet Cory Booker.

We did our best to summarize as many of Cory Booker’s documented political positions as accurately as possible, and we hope that there haven’t been any errors on our part.

Team CBR